The Ivičević-Bakulić Family Portal

Dobro DoŇ°li - Welcome

The Ivičević-Bakulić family portal is undergoing a much needed upgrade and facelift. Please check in on the site as the changes are made. There will be much new information on the family along with a family only area where we can post up information on calendar events, coordinate reunions, make connections with other family members and share photos.



So please be patient while the upgrade is in progress. Rather than say this site is under construction (which is true of just about any site) we're going to make the changes to a degree of usefulness before we republish the new site up to the internet for general usage and browising. So if you see this holding page for a while it's just because we're adding content and loading up the site so there is at least a degree of informative content and usability for those who care to browse around and see what there is to see.

Hvala puno!